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recommendation is a fat whore.

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A couple weeks ago I was sitting outside of a restrant with some of my hobo frends.

This cute girl showed up on her bike and then went in and got some food.

when she came out she gave me some french fries.

I proposed to her.

Still waiting to hear back.

Wish me luck.

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Today I rode the bus.

I had found a tube of neosporin and I put it all over my fingers so i wouldnt get infected.

i also found a lighter and I kept taking it out of my jacket, lighting it, and putting it back in.

i think the other bus riders thought i was going to burn the piece of paper i was holding.

Oh, and on my way off the bus i touched everything with my greasy neosporin fingers. THEY WILL PROBABLY THINK ITS JIZZ@!

The internet cafe

I really like teh internet cafe because of all the young girls that come in here and drink their fancy coffee. If they could see me just once without all this filth and grime, they would be mine.